Raised humanely to two years old, my beef develops a rich flavor and gains sufficient marbling to make juicy cuts. Dry aging enhances flavor.

NO hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, grain or by-products.

Inquiries welcome. Leave email in contact form at bottom of page or contact Jessica Kruse at 507- two two 3- 503 nine.

Full Beef $3.60 / lb. hanging wt about 700 lbs.
Half Beef $3.65 / lb. hanging wt about 350 lbs.
Quarter Beef $3.65 / lb. hanging wt about 175 lbs.

Processing usually runs about $0.75 / lb although it varies depending on how much boning you have done, how much specialty meats you get, and type of wrapping you choose.

 Farm pick-up in Gary, SD. No order minimums. Call to arrange pick-up and for directions. Farm visit possible.

Place custom wholesale order cut to your preference for full, half or quarter beef.  Typically processing will be at Elkton, SD, although when sufficient orders are placed I will haul cattle to French Lake for Minneapolis customer, or Howard or other area lockers. You pick up processed beef at the locker and pay for the processing. This is the most economical way to buy. Leave email in contact form at bottom of page.


Ground beef is available in Sioux Falls from the Natural Foods Co-op, with them carrying other cuts occasionally.  Let them know what you would be willing to buy on a regular basis.

Live in the Greater Minneapolis Area? I will sell 1/4 1/2 and wholes delivered to French Lake Locker west of Minneapolis in June and July. Email me for details. Also True Cost Farm CSA sells my beef among its pasture and grassfed meat to their subscribers. For more information see

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