I’m Cliff and I produced grassfed beef starting 2001. I have moved this business to Jessica Kruse and she continues to produce healthy beef using humane practices, with beef flavor people love. This is the flavor lost in the race to get bigger, cut corners, and be cheaper.

Please see her blog at kcreekranch.wordpress.com

The beef starts and spends its entire life grazing a healthy mix of fresh growing grasses, legumes, and in the winter, hay. No grains are fed. The cattle are raised to a full 2 years and above. There is no applying any herbicides or pesticides to the soil. The hay is what we grow. The cattle receive no added hormones, just those they produce naturally on their own. Keeping the land free of herbicides and pesticides and working with nature allow the mineral rich soils of this area to be manifest in the beef.

We chose cattle types that grow their best and finish well on an all grass diet. These are generally moderate-framed, older British breeds. A large share of cattle today are not suited for grass finishing because they have been crossed with big framed breeds (from continental Europe) that reach market weight faster and hang more pounds of meat on the bones. This cut time and cost when the cattle industry became fixated on feeding corn and other feed. These “hot” feeds do not produce the better balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids that is proving to be important for human health as well as for that of the cattle.

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